Move forward with a clear vision for 2023. Feel inspired and motivated to break through to new levels of success with a vision board that reflects your desired outcomes and a clearly defined set of goals. Take control over your life and make 2023 the year that sets everything in motion.

  1. Identify and develop your theme for the year.
  2. Visualise and plan growth areas.
  3. Holistic goal setting based on diverse arenas of your life.
  4. Enjoy a one to one discovery/ mentoring session with a qualified mentor inclusive.
  5. Free CV/Resume Analysis with report for interested participants.

Are you looking for inspiration, tired of being stuck in a rut, want to get organised and be open for opportunities, discover new skills.

Are you a career/ creative professional aspiring to attain new levels, then this is for you.

Action: Don’t wait any longer — sign up now for the Develop Your A Game Vision Boarding and Goal Setting Session for 2023! Start crafting the life of your dreams today!

The real value of this course is ₦275,000.00 but it’s going for ₦75,000.00 for a limited period only.

Registration ends 30th January 2023.

Vision Boarding and Coaching Workshop