The position we find ourselves in the family, workplace, and life in general places demands on our mental capacity. Attending to the demands from various aspects of our lives is enough pressure, but dealing with setbacks, failures, and losses makes the pressure overwhelmingly unbearable. While some of us bounce back swiftly, others find it very difficult to do. If you fall into the category of people who find it hard to bounce back quickly, with little courage to move on, this article is for you to help you become a mentally stronger person.

1. Take the challenge
According to Roger Crawford, “being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” This means that the overwhelming situation is constant, but how you take it will tell on you. We have to be mentally aware and prepare for the good and bad seasons. Our determination to always win in all situations is a step closer to the in-depth knowledge hidden in challenges that we can overcome. Never underestimate your ability to bounce back swiftly; it is a challenge to take.

2. Face the current giant
In a huddle race, runners don’t cross all the huddles at once; it’s a huddle at a time. Moreover, you can be mentally strong when you deal with each challenge without doing it at a later time. There is more pressure attached to a challenge left unattended to. When it stretches you, lessons are learnt, but they will not linger.  The current challenge must be confronted with current energy.

3. Fear is not an option
When you are becoming mentally affected, fear of the known or the unknown can hold a strong position. Meanwhile, fear is a tormentor that exists only in the mind, and uses imaginary tools. So, you need to remind yourself of the reality you are in. Face your fears as if they were real to increase your mental strength. Fear should never be considered an option, even when it springs up.

4. Self-reassurance
We communicate a lot with other people, but less with ourselves. The greatest and the closest voice that can instill in you the possibility of victory during a tough time is yours. Keep telling yourself positive things about the situation until confidence is finally built. Remember, how far you have come is a prerequisite for how well you can go.

5. Find the remedy
Just like an examination, there must be a solution to the provided questions. In that case, more time is spent on finding the answer than the question. Furthermore, the only way out of a tough season is to find the solution to the problem. Therefore, much more attention must be placed on solving the issue than the issue itself. Although, the solution may come after several attempts, persevering until success is achieved is important. Winston Churchill in his strong views concluded that “success is the stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


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