The definition of success is relative because it has to apply to you or a particular project. However, we still need to have a general definition for it. Success is a favourable outcome that is set to relate to a project, organisation or personal life. When you achieve your desired goal, it is called success.

If each of the goals achieved means success, it means there is a general formula that makes it possible.

Let’s talk about the makeup of the formula:

1. Information and Knowledge:
Information is the content of a subject that is available for anyone who cares to know. Knowledge, on the other hand, can be simply put as what you know which includes education, skills, etc. Therefore, the amount of relevant information you can access in your field is the level of the knowledge that you have, which will be required of you to deploy at your duty post.

2. Skills:
In other words, skills means your expertise in display. It requires training, much practice, several invested time and experience before someone can be known as an expert. Being an expert is a success on its own, nevertheless, it is a prerequisite for a greater professional success.

3. Personal Development:
Personal development helps you with desired growth to reach your highest potential. The development will help your way of communication, emotions, positive mindset, good character, resilience, and your reasoning. This will also boost your leadership ability.

4. Networking:
It is a common saying that “if you want to go far, go with others.” This is true when we consider the impact of networking in people’s success. Those in your network know your level of knowledge, skills, and developmental effort before they can recommend or refer you for greater opportunity. So, to put more effort in meeting more professionals and successful people in your industry and building relationships with them will expose one to transforming information and other opportunities.

5. Passion:
Passion plays a big role in becoming successful. It gets you to engage in things that bring growth and make you pant for more. Passion is made up of your desire and commitment to be at your desired peak, regardless of what comes your way. No successful person lacks passion.


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