Do you know that 80 per cent of people don’t set goals? This leaves us with 20 per cent as the goal setters. If you are part of the goal setters, I am proud of you. But wait! Are you aware that only 30 per cent of the goal setters achieve it? Showing us that only 6 per cent of people, in general, achieve goals.
It’s never too late to join the wagon of achieving 6 per cent today, by following the guideline popularly known as SMART GOALS. The word SMART there means that your goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Let’s go deeper into smart goal-making.

1. Specific:

This means that your goal must answer these questions deeply and clearly: Who is doing this? Why are you doing it? What will you do to achieve it? Where will you do it? When will you do it? Either for your business, health, or any other things, this approach will help greatly.

2. Measurable:

This means that you must have a progress indicator for your goals. This is unique to every goal. Your own may be to make N1 million monthly to achieve an N12 million goal at the end of 2023.

3. Achievable:

Goals must be broken down into achievable steps before being achieved. When goals are not broken down like this, it becomes impossible to achieve and the goal setter appears unserious and unorganised. How far can I go per day? This is an example of the question you should answer to know what can be achieved when you break your goals into steps.

4. Realistic:

To achieve a goal, everything you need must be within your reach. If it is not possible considering resources, time, and commitment, the goal is not smart.

5. Timely:

Your smart goal must. This answers the question of when. If time is not attached, when will you do or finish it? Considering the whole of 2023 as the year you want your business to record its first 50 million sales, the 12 months will be the time you want to achieve the goal. This will then trigger the need to work hard, apply strategies and make other urgent moves that will make your goal a reality.


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