This is the last newsletter for the year. I am so thrilled that we have completed one full year of blogging for Develop Your A-Game. It wasn’t an easy journey, but good things surely come to those who wait.

We hope you have a very blessed Christmas, and a wonderful and prosperous new year. To close out for the year, I decided to compile my list of 22 top things I learnt in 2022.

1. Hardship and sufferings of people.

I learnt the importance of extending grace to people, as no one knows what others are going through. At times, months, and weeks would pass without hearing from someone only to find out they had been in an accident or worse case died. 2022 was a tough year. Let’s continue to check up on people, the strong and the not-so-strong. Become a person of compassion.

2. Be intentional about networking.

Connections make the world go around. The network you build can open the door to an opportunity you have been preparing for throughout your career or life. And remember to pay it forward. When someone helps you rise, remember to help others on their way up.

3. Remember to keep sowing seeds.

Seeds planted in the past will eventually germinate, grow and bear fruit in the future. It is important to keep sowing seeds today whether that’s investing in yourself, your family, your business, community etc. and remember that no matter how long it takes those seeds will reap and bear fruit. Seeds planted years ago can suddenly bear fruit in the present. That’s why it is essential to sow wisely. But you must be patient and keep planting. Good works (seeds) will yield fruit in abundance.

4. Have a vision and action plan.

This is essential for your life. I have been practicing vision boarding and praying with affirmations since 2017.  It’s significant to have a written plan for one’s life. It’s essential to ask in faith for what you want even if you do not necessarily get everything you want you may get better, and it may be delayed, but it encourages the habit of future planning and faith-building. Many things I wrote down years ago I saw come to pass in 2022. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

5. The power of compounding.

The accumulation of good or bad habits can create a compounding effect. So, whether it’s saving a little or investing a little here and there, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle by doing a few things. It leads to greater effects in the future. 

6. Define and recognise your relationships.

Not all acquaintances are real friends, not all friends are loyal, and some strangers may become close like family.  Two people can have an entirely different idea of the same relationship. People you may hold dear may not feel the same way. Invest in sure fire relationships. A friend closed by is better than a brother or sister far away.

7. Invest your time wisely.

There are a limited number of hours in a day, a month, and a year. Knowing whom to spend this time with and what will help to prioritise what matters, ultimately, are important.

8. Life is fragile and ephemeral.

I lost a few friends this year tragically and at a young age to cancer, accidents, etc. We all have this precious gift called life, and no one knows the expiration date of their lives. It’s significant to spend every moment with intention. I, personally, live constantly with death on my mind. I don’t live in fear, rather I live knowing the reality that it can happen. It helps keep me in check.

9. It’s never too late.

You are never too old to Learn a new skill . I finally decided to pick up learning Spanish again. I was surprised by how much progress I made in such little time. Occasionally, we are tricked into believing that when we get to a certain age, we become too old to acquire new skills, new friends, new adventures, or even a new career. That’s all a myth. There’s an inspiring story of a man in his eighties from the States who was dying and decided to learn how to ice skate, and he became excellent at it. Or when we think of the 99-year-old UK wartime veteran Sir Tom Moore who raised millions for the NHS simply by going on long walks, first in his garden and then hitting the streets. You can do more than you think yourself capable of.

10. Take time out.

We have a limited amount of time. It’s necessary to take out time for yourself. Devote some to reflect and take stock. Reflecting helps you to evaluate, it gives you room to rest and strategise and to gain new perspectives.

11. Eat Healthily.

Why would you work so hard, make money, and pay expensive bills, but feed on junk? Don’t underestimate the power of healthy eating and the impact of food on your health. You come first before any other thing, but when you put other things first, no one can help but you. Make healthy eating a necessity.

12. Learn the art of delegation.

You can’t do everything. The relationship you have with your team members, and friends, can help you. Assigning a role to someone will not only ease your workload and keep you focused. It will also build and exposed the people.

13. Good leaders create more leaders.

When you look around you, you will discover that leadership is everywhere, but the ones are scanty. The consciousness that your younger ones, children, or members of your society are looking up to you means there is a responsibility on you to live by example. Therefore, do all you can to live by building younger ones to be stronger and greater.

14. Do people care?

Most people don’t care as much as you think they do. It is important to live on your terms as much as possible. The value you have can attract people to you, even your spouse got attracted by them. Importantly, if others don’t, please, care for yourself.

15. Don’t take everything personally.

We often magnify our self-importance and impact on people’s lives. Half the time, everyone is trying to survive. Learn to be less reactive and more reflective.

16. Change is the only constant.

If you don’t like something, either change your reaction or change the source of what bothers you. An unfulfilling job, your weight, or your finances. Remember, the only constant thing in life is change, and you can make the change.

17. Don’t complain.

It’s easier to complain than to be constructive, so take the harder choice. Resolve to do harder things that take you out of your comfort zone.

18. Transform your mind.

Develop a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. It will push you to a new zone of growth because usually, we are conditioned more to act from a point of view of fear and self-preservation. Think abundance, think wealth in every ramification.

19. Face your fears and slay the Giants.

The only way to overcome your fear, to face it head-on. Run an extra mile, you can do it. Write a technical proposal, apply for that promotion or go for that sponsorship, etc. Move in faith!

20. The journey is personal.

We are all on a journey, and no two journeys will look the same. Some may have more huffy lights, and some more low points, but regardless, each experience is to teach us and propel us closer to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Experience is not the only teacher, our understanding, and lessons learnt from that experience are also equally important.

21. Please, give up.

You are indeed hard-working, but learn to give up on things that lead nowhere good. The bad habits may feel good now, but will not end well. The dangerous part is that you don’t feel the danger until it has eaten you up and destroyed those great things you have built.

22. It’s not over.

One crucial lesson I learnt this year is that it’s not over until it’s over. Watching the finale of the stunning World Cup games in Qatar was riveting. France had every reason to believe it was over, they were trialing 2-0 to Argentina, but the determination of one player Kylian Mbappé carried the French national team from 2-0 to an equaliser within 5 minutes.  Truly amazing. 

It’s easy and not surprising to feel like there’s no hope when things seem desolate, but keeping the faith until the end can bring unexpected blessings. 

Pressures of life, heartbreak, failure, and disappointment happen to us all at different points in life, but it’s those who refuse to let it get to them who come out on top. Stay determined until the very end, and it is only a matter of time before you emerge a winner as long as you don’t quit.


Having goals is important but not as important as writing them down , tracking your goals regularly and having an accountability partner helps you stay on track. Its proven that individuals who have written goals and objectives are far more likely to achieve them compared with individuals who don’t. It’s important to set goals that are compatible and harmonious across all the areas of your life as you will see in the categories below. It’s very important to live a balanced life . This worksheet is designed to help you identify your goals in the most important areas of your life. Writing is parting of the visualisation process the next part is the actualisation or realisation process.

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